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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013

Creating a Lasting Memory

As a licensed Marriage Commissioner appointed by the Province of Manitoba am fully qualified to officiate at your wedding in Manitoba.

  • As your Marriage Commissioner, I promise to provide the services as outlined on www.ipromisemanitoba.com.
  • As your Marriage Commissioner, I promise to work together with each couple to create a truly valued and special wedding ceremony.
  • As your Marriage Commissioner, I promise, if requested, to schedule a rehearsal prior to your wedding dayPlease note that an additional fee will apply.

Wedding Day Promises

As Your Selected Marriage Commissioner:

  • I promise to arrive at your wedding location approximately 45 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony, to ensure that all aspects of the ceremony are well organized and in place.
  • I promise to deliver the wedding ceremony selected by the couple and include all of the Province of Manitoba requirements.
  • I promise to mail, following the ceremony, the signed marriage license.
  • I promise to provide the couple with a keepsake copy of a their Customized Ceremony.

As The Couple:

  • The couple promises that they will need to obtain a valid marriage license form prior to the wedding taking place.
  • The couple promises to sign the official marriage license at the end of their wedding ceremony and also have two witnesses present to sign the license.  The couple can apply for their Manitoba Marriage Certificate after the ceremony at the provincial department of Vital Statistics.
  • The couple promises to be responsibility for purchasing any items that may be included in the wedding ceremony (unity candles, sand, roses, wine and wine box, etc.).