Andrea Mislan
Featured Dancer
Celine Dion’s “A New day”
Las Vegas, Nevada

Brenda has been an instrumental influence in my career as an international performer. We met in Winnipeg as I was graduating from The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Professional Division. I wanted to be as versatile as possible to emerge into the commercial and theatrical dance world, and thankfully Brenda was there to guide me! We worked on several projects together and she gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams. I am currently a dancer from the original cast of Celine Dion’s “A New Day”, one of the most successful and groundbreaking shows in Las Vegas to date. Knowing Benda as my mentor and friend, she is a person who is always there to support talent and who has an extreme talent and passion of her own that continues to evolve. I’m always excited to work with her again and to see what she creates next!


Kimberley Rampersad
Actor, Singer, Dancer
Associate Choreographer, ‘Hairspray’ Tour

“BG is a template of how to hustle well in this business. I observe her constantly re-inventing and packaging herself to land the work she desires. She has shown me not only the value but the necessity of being versatile when one seeks a long career in this industry.”


Sarah Carter
Co-Starring Role of Madeleine Poe in Shark
CBS TV series

I was so lucky to have Brenda as my mentor growing up. Not only is she brilliant and talented herself, but she inspired my own sense of leadership and creativity. She nurtured my love of performance art and modelled the dedication, courage and energy it would take to devote my life to it. Today I am a working actress in Hollywood with a dream to open a performance art boarding school for underprivleged and gifted girls. It’s Brenda who gave me the opportunity to teach at such a young age and it was Brenda who taught me to follow my heart, be on time, and give everything I’ve got.”


Kiri-Lyn Muir
Freelance performer/Choreographer

I had the opportunity to assist Brenda in her capacity as choreographer on two projects; Seussical for the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, and Die Fledermaus for the Manitoba Opera. To begin with, Brenda’s eagerness to mentor me on these two projects sets her apart from her peers. I have also approached other choreographers about possibly assisting them, and I have been met with a lot of resistance.

It seems others are very protective of their work and very reluctant to let anyone else ‘in’ to their circle of working connections. Working with Brenda was ‘an experience’! I am possibly ten years younger than Brenda, but found keeping up with her both physically and mentally quite a challenge! She is very energetic and enthusiastic in her approach to her choreography and teaching commitments, and comes to all of her professional engagements with a great deal of positive, focused energy. She also sets a quick pace while she works. It is clear that her imagination works quickly and imaginatively, and the rest of us in the rehearsal hall were left trying eagerly to please and keep up with her as the ideas came streaming out of her consciousness!

Another quality about Brenda that really struck me while I was working with her was her confidence level. She believes in what she is doing in a way that gives others around her confidence in her work as well. This creates a positive and trusting experience for all during the rehearsal process.

Brenda’s work demonstrates that she clearly understands the content of the material she is working with. She works organically, allowing the story and characters to guide her as she creates appropriate movement to further the plot. She also has a wonderful way of moving bodies around on stage so that the pictures she creates are always alive and engaging.